Foods to help you stave off flu

Flu season is upon us - so it's important to keep your immune system fighting fit to help stave it off.

Citrus fruits are vital in order to get a decent dose of Vitamin C (and they're a tastier option than tablets).

Red bell peppers are great too, as they provide double the amount of vitamin C than any citrus fruit.

Button mushrooms are jam-packed with immune boosting nutrients, and contain selenium which is great for the liver to function.

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Increasing the bacteria in your gut means a larger production of antibodies, so fermented foods such as yoghurt, olives and pickles will help with that.

Oysters have a lot of zinc which helps create and activate white blood cells which help protecting the body against infectious disease and foreign invaders.

You'll also get a lot out of broccoli: it provides antioxidants and vitamins. Watermelons, sweet potatoes and garlic are also good.

Spinach is great specially if eaten raw and good old chicken soup is high in vitamin B6, important for the formation of red cells and help fighting antibodies.