You've been holding your coffee wrong

And here's how to do it right...

You've been holding your coffee wrong

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world - but did you know there are actually etiquette rules as to how you drink it?

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According to one etiquette expert, when it comes to holding your coffee cup, these are rules you need to follow.


1.)Loop you index finger into the handle and put your thumb on top of it to hold the weight. Tuck the rest of your fingers into the palm of your hand.

2.) When you place your cup of coffee down, always put it at three o'clock. That way your lipstick mark is always on one side.

3.) Avoid the whirlpool effect when stirring your drink. Instead, move the spoon backward and forward.

4.) In general, avoid the 'pinkie up' look - chances are, you don't look as sophisticated as you think.

Who knew? Time to put the kettle on...