Chronic forgetfulness: What causes it and what can you do?

Most people think it's Alzheimers - but memory problems can be caused by a number of things


Everyone has forgetful moments now and then. But sometimes, these moments seem to happen more often than they should.

If forgetfulness becomes chronic, many automatically think: Alzheimers. But science shows there are other reasons people chronically forget things, including medication that has memory side effects.

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A top culprit are anticholinergics, or drugs that interfere with a neurotransmitter in your brain.

Drinking too much can also mess with your memory. And heavy drinkers can also have issues remembering things even after they sober up.

Other reasons for memory trouble include depression, high tension levels, or being exhausted.

Chronic health issues that affect your brain's blood supply, such as diabetes or heart disease, also can cause mental blocks.

Another cause of forgetfulness is simply getting older.

As you age, you don't remember as much as you used to. But eating well and exercising can help you stay sharp longer.

Doctors suggest getting checked out if your memory lapses start impacting your daily life.