Dog gets five inch stick stuck up his nose

It took months to discover what was causing the nosebleeds...


Last April, this Michigan dog named Rex chased a rabbit into a wooded area.

From that day onwards, he started to suffer nosebleeds and sneezing fits.

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An initial veterinary exam turned up nothing out of the ordinary, but the sneezes and nosebleeds persisted.

At that point, Dr. Kristopher Sharpe at the BluePearl pet hospital suggested the dog undergo a CT scan, as the foreign object detection power of X-rays is often limited to metal objects.

That was the exactly the investigative tool Rex needed. It turned out that a 5-inch stick was stuck in the dog's nose.

On October 1, the irritating object was removed, and Rex is now back to his old sneeze-and-nosebleed-free self.