This is the least you'll weigh all year

A new study has found the exact month you're likely to be your lightest - as well as when you'll weigh the most


According to a new study from Cornell University, your weight is likely to be at its lowest for the year right now.

But don't get too excited! If you're anything like the Americans who participated in this study, you are likely to start gaining weight from now on.

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Later this month the numbers on that scale are probably going to start rising... and rising... especially as the cooler weather approaches. From now on, comfort food will be too tempting to resist. And of course, there's the run-up to Christmas...

The study found that most people are at their heaviest on New Year's Day, which is, of course, when we all make resolutions to get back into shape.

The worst part of all this is that any weight gained in the next two and half months takes on average about five months to come off according to the study.