Man on plane gives unconventional panic attack advice

Brian McDonagh has written a book about overcoming anxiety

Guy on Airplane Demonstrates an Unconventional Way to Stop a Panic Attack

Barry McDonagh, author of the book DARE which is about overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, recorded this helpful guide to overcoming these issues in everyday life.

His advice to people is to face the difficulties head on, embrace them, thereby limiting the control that they have over an individual.

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He describes the process as embracing fear in order to transform it.

In the video he holds up placards with writing on, aimed at helping people get through difficult times.

He says: "The first thing to do is remind yourself of all the panic attack you have had in the past, as bad as they were, you survived them all!"

"They were very scary but... they did not harm you."

He adds: "Panic attacks are a protection mechanism, they are not designed to harm you. They are not a monster out to kill you."

McDonagh encourages sufferers to turn their fear into excitement and to try and get the panic attack to worsen instead of trying to stop it.

He says this pops the 'bubble of fear' and will reduce the panic rather than increasing it as you may think.

The advice is finished off by McDonagh saying: "You now have the tools you need to go anywhere. You become your own safe person now.

"Now push outside your comfort zone daily - don't let anxiety steal your life away!"

For McDonagh's full advice, watch the video above.