Long-lost sisters find each other on social media site

American family flies to China to reunite adopted sisters

Social media brings long-lost sisters together

An American family has flown to China to bring home their adopted daughter's sister - after recognising her on a social media adoption site.

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Avery, 13, is about to fly away from China and to make America her home, where she'll live alongside her biological sister.

She has cerebral palsy and was abandoned by her parents, so has spent most of her life in a state orphanage.

Avery is just a few days away from her 14th birthday, the age at which children are no longer eligible for overseas adoption.

Knowing that her birthday was fast approaching, an American volunteer posted an appeal online for a family to help. And here's when a miracle happened: by chance, it was seen by Lisa Lumpkins, who noticed a resemblance with her adopted daughter, Aubree.

A DNA test proved Avery was her older sister.

Had that post not been put out, they would never have known, and Avery would have been stuck in the orphanage.

Avery is yet to meet her biological sister - but she's met some of her American family: dad Gene and two of her new sisters and her little brother.

Avery didn't know there was a race to find her family. And little did she know that it would lead her to the sister she never knew she had..