Father-of-two brightens daughter's breakfasts with daily toast sculptures

Eating toast every day can become boring.

But a father-of-two is brightening the breakfasts of his youngest daughter, who suffers severe food allergies, by creating daily toast sculptures.

Adam Perry, 46, said his nine-year-old daughter Scarlett could not eat dairy, eggs, nuts or shellfish, but that white bread was a safe option.

"She's always been really wary of food so mealtimes weren't fun," said Mr Perry, of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.

"They were spent checking the back of ingredient packets and we can't go to restaurants.

"We all eat breakfast together so I thought I would make her the London Eye out of toast, a really crude version.

"She span the wheel and it put a smile on her face. I said I would make something every day."

His bread creations to date include the Statue of Liberty, a T-rex and - inspired by the Olympic Games - a silhouette of Mo Farah doing his trademark Mobot celebration.

He uses two slices of bread, occasionally some sunflower oil spread, and to attach pieces together he either balances them, pinches them or uses a syringe of golden syrup.

Each design takes no more than a few minutes to make, he added, and his family including eldest daughter Mia, 13, and his wife Helen, 40, helped suggest ideas.

"I put the toast in, put the kettle on and sometimes I've no idea what I'm going to make," he said.

His first ever toast sculpture was made the day before the London Marathon 2016 - a fact he remembers as his second sculpture was of Tower Bridge, inspired by seeing the race on TV.

His wife made him a toast sculpting set for their wedding anniversary, including a chopping board, scalpel and brush.

And his Instagram page, where he posts pictures of his sculptures, has gained thousands of followers.

"I get lots of requests now," he said. "I've got enough to keep me going until Christmas."

Mr Perry, who is the drummer in rock band the Bloodhound Gang, added that he had no plans to stop making the sculptures.

"Scarlett looks forward to breakfast now, as it's a lot more fun which is great," he said.

"It's achieved what I set out to which is fantastic."