Cat with four ears finds new home (and his name is Batman)

He was adopted by a little girl who loves superheroes...

Black Cat with Four Ears Adopted Within Hours of Becoming Available

All cats are special in their own way, but one taken in by a Pennsylvania shelter has a particularly notable unique feature.

The black kitty named Batman has 4 ears.

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He was given to the Pittsburgh outpost of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society not long ago, and, within hours of becoming available for adoption, found his forever home.

A humane society marketing communications manager said, "A young girl and her mother decided to take Batman into their home. It was fitting because the little girl liked superheroes."

The extra ears are located just behind his primary ones and are likely the result of a recessive gene mutation.

While they don't come equipped with auditory canals, they do allow extra opportunities for the ear scratching so many cats love so much.