Puppy in Egypt rescued after 25 days trapped under rocks

Group of Alexandrian volunteers worked together to rescue dog after it was abandoned by its owners


A puppy that had been trapped under rocks for more than three weeks has been rescued by a group of volunteers in Alexandria, Egypt.

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At the start of July this year, Mariem Taha, a resident of Alexandria, heard whimpering while at a cafe near the sea front.

"It was very upsetting sound so I asked the cafe owner what it was," she told the BBC. "He said that on the previous day some people had a come with a puppy and the puppy had fallen in between the gaps of some stone boulders. The people then abandoned the puppy. The whimpering was very upsetting so I decided to go in search of the puppy.

"The first three days I could hear the puppy but I couldn't see her. So I wasn't sure where to throw food for her, and she may have been scared. By the third day, she was familiar with my voice so she appeared in the gaps. I couldn't reach for her but I could feed her. I decided to name her Babsy Rock."

Mariem fed the puppy every day, but unfortunately wasn't able to free her from the rocks. Realising she needed help, Mariem contacted a Facebook group called 'Save Innocent Souls' known to be popular with animal welfare activists.

Many people got in touch after reading Mariem's post and after persistent lobbying, the local authority sent a crane to free the puppy.

Despite the ordeal, Babsy Rock is said to be healthy and doing well with her new owner Mariem.