What health experts say microwave meals do to your body

Toxins leak out from plastic packaging into food we eat

What Health Experts Say Microwave Meals Do To Your Body

Even if you choose a readymeal that's labelled 'Healthy,' there's good reason to think twice before you pop it in the microwave.

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One of the biggest concerns health experts have isn't about the food itself, but its plastic wrapping. When plastic containers are heated up in the microwave, carcinogenic toxins can leak into the food – which we then eat.

Rick Hay, anti-ageing food and fitness nutritionist, told the Daily Mail that these toxins can put extra pressure on our digestive and immune systems. "They can have a detrimental effect on fertility, hormone balance, blood pressure, cardio vascular health, mood and libido also," he said.

There's also some debate about whether microwave ovens have a negative effect on overall health, with some experts concerned about the constant exposure to increased radiation that is emitted from the microwave. According to Rick, constant exposure to radiation can affect our sleep, concentration and energy levels.

Then there's the food itself. Some nutritionists argue that pre-prepared fruit and vegetables can lose up to 50% of some nutrients compared to eating them raw. Not only that, but many ready-meals contain added chemicals and preservatives and can be high in salt and fat.

If microwave meals are a must, it's best to pop them in a glass container to heat up.