Women prefer food over sex, says study

Most ladies prefer to have their taste buds stimulated


Research Shows People Prefer Food over Sex

An amazing gourmet dinner or mind-blowing sex – which would you choose from the menu? According to a survey by Eaters Digest, most women would rather have their taste buds stimulated, thank you very much.

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Researchers surveyed almost 12,000 people between the ages of 18 and 55 from all over the world. When asked, "which feels better, eating or having sex?" most women said that food can be as good as sex.

Some 42% of women would rather go out for a gourmet meal than stay home for gourmet love-making. In contrast, 26% of men said they would prefer to go out than satisfy their appetite in the bedroom.

An additional 31% of women chose the neutral option (rating food and sex the same), which means that fewer than 1 in 4 women would opt for sex over a great dinner.

Researchers say we are linking the foods we eat with our personalities, social status and values, making food an extension of ourselves - and therefore making it more important in our lives.

"Part of the allure of food is that it offers endless opportunities for experimentation and new experiences," they add. Or maybe we just need to brush up our bedroom skills?