Woman who suffered severe migraines for 25 years finds relief

Cutting just TWO foods from her diet eased the pain

Woman Having Severe Migraines For 25 Years Finds Relief After Cutting Two Foods

Andrea Henson, 46, from Lincolnshire, suffered from debilitating migraines for 25 years. The migraines were so severe, that on one occasion she was admitted to hospital with a suspected embolism.

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Andrea had no idea that her diet might be contributing to the problem when she and her family used the YorkTest to check for food intolerances. Andrea found that she has an intolerance to cow's milk and corn - which she decided to eliminate from her diet.

The change not only improved her health generally - but also eased her migraines.

"Since starting my new eating regime, I've gone from having migraines on a weekly basis to having just three in total - they pretty much disappeared after six weeks. I was amazed," she told the Daily Mail.

Andrea now avoids these two 'trigger' foods and is able to lead a normal life, without having to rely on migraine medication.