The worst foods to eat before bed

This is what you should avoid for an easy night's sleep

The Worst Foods to Eat Before Bed

If you are struggling to catch some quality sleep, you may be making these dietary mistakes before bed which are keeping you up! Avoid these things to improve your shut-eye.

1. Dump the french fries, chicken wings and chips!

Their high-fat content disrupts late night digestion, throwing off sleep cycles. Instead you should eat grilled chicken breast and baked potato for dinner.

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2. Don't indulge in dark chocolate past the afternoon

Yes, it may be healthy for the heart but the darker the chocolate, the more sleep-disturbing caffeine it contains. Instead you could snack on it for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. If your sweet tooth hits at night make a homemade trail mix of whole grain cereal, slice almonds and dried tart cherries.

3. Skip the bacon and sausage at dinner

Cured meats contain an amino acid that produces a brain stimulant which makes you feel more awake. Instead you should eat turkey breast or non-cured turkey sausage so you don't have to count sheep.