Get rid of ants the easy way

Got Ants? Get Them Out with These 4 Tips

Insects are an unfortunate downside of summer - but there are things you can do if you're facing an ant invasion. Here are four ways to deal with the problem...

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1. Shoot the messenger
If you see one ant in your house, it might be a scout. Scouts tell other ants where the food is, so kill them first!

2. Keep it clean
Take out the rubbish, don't leave food out, and wipe down your kitchen surfaces regularly.

Ants leave a trail wherever they travel so that other ants can smell, and follow them. Sweeping the floor isn't enough - to eliminate the trail, clean the floor with disinfectant. Try mixing a solution of half vinegar and water and wipe down kitchen surfaces where you've seen ants. It won't kill them, but it may stop others from entering your home.

3. Seal the entrance
Watch the ants' movement and try to determine where they're entering - pay close attention to cracks in windows, doorways, and the floor, as well as outside doorways, windows and accent lights. If you can find where the ants are getting in, seal it with caulk.

4. Put them off
Ants hate the smell of baby powder, cinnamon and white vinegar. Sprinkle a little around their entry points and it might be enough to put them off and make them invade someone else's house!
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