Living near traffic noise linked to heart attacks

Researchers in Germany suggest traffic noise is detrimental to heart health

Researchers Link Traffic Noise To Increased Risk Of Heart Attack

We all know that being stuck in traffic can cause a great deal of stress, but, according to recent research, hearing traffic noises isn't all that great for one's physical well being, either.

A study published in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt International asserts that traffic noise can increase one's chances of suffering a deadly heart attack.

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The researchers made the association by analysing information provided by health insurers.

The team sorted the more than 1 million records of Germans over the age of 40 according to their 2005 levels of noise exposure from rail, road, and air activity.

After further whittling the field down to individuals who had succumbed to heart attacks by 2014/2015, a strong association between loud traffic and fatal cardiac events emerged.

This is not the first study to find a relationship between serious health issues and high noise levels. Last year, British researchers discovered a correlation between exposures to environmental sounds over 60 decibels and instances of stroke.