Guess which day of the week you get the best sleep

No, it's not the weekends...

You'll Get the Best Sleep on this Day of the Week

Weekends are for lie-ins: who doesn't love sleeping in on a Saturday or Sunday morning?

But even though we tend to sleep longer at weekends, we sleep better on a weekday. And day/night in particular.

Can you guess which one?

It's definitely not Monday, when reality hits and you have an inbox full of unanswered emails, early morning meetings with your boss and the lingering sweet taste of an enjoyable weekend.

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According to a study conducted by Cambridge University, Tuesday is when we get the best night's sleep.

The conclusion was drawn after they analysed around 5,000 people. It found that even though we don't sleep the longest on Tuesday night, it tends to be the time we get the most restorative sleep.

Why? The researchers believe that later in the week our sleep is more likely to be interrupted by a few too many glasses of wine at dinner or consuming richer foods.