How to make your cat happier

Three simple ways to make sure your feline friend has a nicer life

How to Make Your Cat Like You

Does your cat ever cringe when you approach, or run away at the sound of your voice?

That's probably because you're doing something wrong.

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Cats are like people: you have to take the time to love them or they will get frustrated or drift away. And since science has yet to engineer a way for our furry friends to talk to us, they have to swat you away to show they are upset.

Here are three golden rules to make your cat happy:

1. Cats want their food to be fresh. And you probably do too - old cat food stinks. So don't leave a wet cat food out for more than 30 minutes.

2. Have you ever shared a nice moment with your cat and then bang, they bite or claw you? You may be petting a little too vigorously. Pet them around the head, chin and ears instead of full body strokes along the back.

3. Lastly, keep the chaos down. If you feel like there's going to be excessive noise or disruption in your house, think of the cat and take it outside. Or at least make sure it has a safe place to go until things calm down.