Mum says Siri, iPhone's voice-activated program, helped save her baby's life

Mum shouted to iPhone after her child stopped breathing

Mother Says Apple's Siri Helped Save Her Child's Life

Siri, the iPhone voice-activated computer program, has helped a mother in Australia save the life of her child after she stopped breathing.

Stacey Gleeson saw that her daughter Giana had turned blue on the baby monitor. Speaking to 7 News, she said: "I picked her up and sat down with her on the floor and as I checked her airways. I looked over and remembered my phone."

Although Mrs Gleeson had dropped her iPhone in a panic, she remembered its voice activation function.

"Hey Siri, call the ambulance," she shouted, prompting her phone to automatically dial for help.

Giana's dad said that because his wife didn't have to leave her child to make the call, it gave her a precious few moments to get Giana breathing again before the ambulance arrived.

In the latest iPhones and iPads, Siri can be activated simple by saying "hey Siri".

Thankfully, Giana has since made a full recovery.