Thought these foods were vegetarian? Well you're wrong!

Veggies beware! These everyday items are ones that you would never guess have animal ingredients.

Ten everyday items which aren't necessarily vegetarian

Whether you've been a vegetarian all your life or you're new to cutting out animal products, these everyday items are ones that you would never guess have animal ingredients....

Worcester sauce
One of the nation's favourites, whether we splash it into mushroom stroganoff or add it to cheese on toast or Bloody Mary, but you may be surprised to find out that many popular brands are not vegetarian. One of the main ingredients is anchovies.

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That's right - you're not even safe when you're brushing your teeth! Some toothpastes contain suet made from animal fat, or glycerol, a sweetener derived from animals. Thankfully, the UltraDEX Low-Abrasion Toothpaste delivers premium oral care and is approved by the Vegetarian Society, and registered with the Vegan Society.

Some non-fat yogurts
Some brands use gelatine in non-fat yogurts – a disputed ingredient amongst vegetarians. Some strict veggies will stay away completely, which also rules out gummy sweets and marshmallows. Others forgive this "carnivore-treat".

Wine, beer and cider
The squeamish of you should cover your eyes now: Animal products are used in the filtering process of some alcohol. Although this is uncommon in the UK, some alcoholic drinks do contain fish bladders.

Baked beans
1 of our 5 a day, baked beans are loved by many. Be careful to avoid those which have bacon or ham hock to add flavour.

Cake mix
Make sure you check the box for whether lard is listed as some ready-made mixes contain beef or pork fat. Make sure you pick one that is labelled as suitable. Alternatively, make your own mix for probably a healthier and yummier result, as well as being much more fun!

Olive tapenade
Beware of anchovies sneaking into some recipes. Always check the label.

Red sweets
Although this sounds like a myth, red or strawberry flavoured sweets are often dyed with carmine which is a colouring made from ground beetles.

White sugar
Refined sugar often contains the remains of charred bones of cattle. The charred bones are used in the filtering process but traces can still be founds in our sugar cubes.

Vanilla ice cream
To finish with possibly the worst item, beaver anal glands or 'Castoureum' is often used as a food additive in vanilla ice cream. This ingredient is commonly listed on the label as a "natural flavouring".