Contact lenses: How bad hygeine can damage your eyes

These gross facts may change your habits for the better

Gross Facts About Your Contact Lenses

Did you know that being careless with your contact lenses can damage your eyes?

Contact lenses are made of plastic, and some types can impair the flow of oxygen to your eyes.

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A recent study found that 99% of people who use contact lenses have worn, washed or stored their lenses in unhygienic ways, which can cause keratisis, a nasty condition which inflames the cornea. Symptoms include sore, red itchy eyes, blurred or reduced vision and difficulty opening the eyes.

Another study found that poor storage case hygiene can severely increase the risk of keratisis infection.

So it's important to change the solution in your contact lens case every day.

Sleeping in your contact lenses can also increase the risk of developing this condition.