Eyesight not so good? These products should make life easier

Six best buys for the partially sighted

Aging Eyes and Cataracts

The vast majority of people with sight problems in the UK are aged sixty-five or over. Whether you're finding you can't see well now that you're older, or you have a more serious sight problem caused by macular degeneration or cataracts, these products should make life easier. Don't forget to see your optician for regular check-ups.

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1. Victor Reader Stratus4 Daisy MP3 player: £282.00

The Stratus4 is one of the friendliest audio book players around. Playing DAISY and MP3, it's an ideal way to make the most of talking books and for listening to music CDs. Easy-to-use, it features large, tactile, high-contrast keys, a built-in speaker and self-voicing controls.

2. Liquid level indicator: £12.41

You'll find a whole range of products designed to help the partially sighted in the kitchen. This handy liquid-level indicator emits either a tone or vibration when the cup is full.

3. Talking Cube Alarm Clock: £34.49

If telling the time is a problem, this talking, tactile and easy-to-see clock can make all the difference. Featuring a clear, English, male voice, it comes with an optional hourly announcement mode.

4. A4 Full Page Magnifier Sheet: £2.96

Whether you're struggling to read the newspaper or the fine print on books and food labels, this large A4 magnifier sheet is sure to be money well-spent.

5. Doro 311c Big Button Corded Telephone: £18.58

Fed up with fiddly buttons? The Doro corded telephone comes with big easy-to-see buttons and comes with amplified receiver volume control and is hearing aid compatible.

6. SmartFinder 4-way remote control key and wallet finder: £20

Most of us lose our keys and wallet from time to time, and being partially sighted makes it that much harder to track them down. This remote-control key and wallet finder comes with four receivers, each with own unique tone, which are easy to attach to personal belongings such as your phone, handbag, wallet and keys.

7. Doro PhoneEasy 621 UK Sim Free Mobile Phone: £84.50

Making calls and sending texts should be easy - not a daily challenge. This clamshell-design mobile phone with camera features a large display with adjustable text, along with extra loud and clear sound.