Small kitchen? Seven smart storage solutions to save space

Clear the clutter and reclaim your worktops…

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can be a challenge, especially when your worktops are so cluttered with appliances and utensils you have no space to actually work. Luckily, these smart storage solutions can help you get organised and free-up some space.

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1. Hanging fruit basket storage: £49.99
For a smarter way to store your five-a-day, invest in wall-hung baskets. They can go on a clear wall (if you have one) or even the back of a door. If you have room, hang two: one for fruit and one for vegetables. That way you can free up space in a cupboard to hide away an appliance when not in use.

This rustic fruit basket comes with three compartments, plus a sturdy top shelf that can be used for additional storage.

2. Door-mounted storage rack: £9.50
Sometimes, it's the little bits and pieces that can make a kitchen seem cluttered. If stock cubes, packets of seasoning and pots of herbs are getting out of hand, try giving them their own shelf. Even if you don't have room inside a cupboard, you can add shelves to the inside of the door. (You may need to hang near the top to clear the contents inside). That way they'll be out of sight but in easy reach.

3. Wine glass rack holder for under kitchen cabinets: £18.95
Wine glasses can take up valuable shelf space – especially if they're not something you use every day. Consider the space you do have and how to make it work harder. One option is to install wine racks under kitchen cabinets, for example.

4. Plate organiser for kitchen worktop: £9.99
If your cupboards are crammed with food, storing plates on top of the worktop can be your best option. This three-tiered rack makes the most of under-utilised corner space.

5. Sturdy kitchen storage rack: £16.25
A knife block and utensil pot can take up a surprising amount of worktop space. This sturdy kitchen storage rack offers a solution - providing hooks for hanging cooking utensils, slots for holding knifes, and pots for storing cutlery. Plus, the sturdy shelf can hold jars of herbs and spices and even carry the weight of a small chopping board.

6. Microwave oven shelving system: £16.99
The space around a microwave oven is often under-utilized. This shelving system gives you the option to store plates, cutlery or even pots and pans, and comes with hooks to hang utensils.

7. Hanging pan-rack £44.99
If you're lucky enough to have high ceilings, make the most of the space by installing vertical shelves or hanging pans from the ceiling. This pretty hanging pan-rack comes with a shelf for storing lids, or use it to hold herbs or plants.

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