Foods to eat for perfect skin, hair and nails

The Best Foods for Your Hair, Nails and Skin
The Best Foods for Your Hair, Nails and Skin

Your skin hair and nails aren't just important for looking beautiful - they're also a good indicator of your health.

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These foods will will help you give them real a boost.

Salmon: this is rich in protein as well Omega three fatty acids which will protect your skin from the sun.
Try our favourite salmon recipe: Seared salmon and avocado salad

Carrots: these arepacked with a super antioxidant, vitamin A, which also contains anti-aging elements and helps hair and nails grow.
Try our favourite carrot recipe: Melon, carrot and ginger juice

Tomatoes: Did you know can will protect your skin from sunburn?
Try our favourite tomato recipe: Tomato and orange soup

Eggs: these are full of nutrients and protein to protect nails.
Try our favourite egg recipe: kedgeree with soft poached eggs

Oatmeal: you'll find copper zinc and B vitamins in oatmeal - together these nutrients keep nails looking good.
Try our favourite oatmeal recipe: Oatmeal herrings with beetroot salad

Blueberries: these can beat acne and fight signs of ageing (some even say they're the greatest health food of all time).
Try our favourite blueberry recipe: Ricotta and blueberry pancakes