Foods to eat for perfect skin, hair and nails

Here's what to include in your diet to give your health a boost

The Best Foods for Your Hair, Nails and Skin

Your skin hair and nails aren't just important for looking beautiful - they're also a good indicator of your health.

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These foods will will help you give them real a boost.

Salmon: this is rich in protein as well Omega three fatty acids which will protect your skin from the sun.
Try our favourite salmon recipe: Seared salmon and avocado salad

Carrots: these arepacked with a super antioxidant, vitamin A, which also contains anti-aging elements and helps hair and nails grow.
Try our favourite carrot recipe: Melon, carrot and ginger juice

Tomatoes: Did you know can will protect your skin from sunburn?
Try our favourite tomato recipe: Tomato and orange soup

Eggs: these are full of nutrients and protein to protect nails.
Try our favourite egg recipe: kedgeree with soft poached eggs

Oatmeal: you'll find copper zinc and B vitamins in oatmeal - together these nutrients keep nails looking good.
Try our favourite oatmeal recipe: Oatmeal herrings with beetroot salad

Blueberries: these can beat acne and fight signs of ageing (some even say they're the greatest health food of all time).
Try our favourite blueberry recipe: Ricotta and blueberry pancakes