How to become a tree when you die

This Urn Brings New Meaning To Life After Death
This Urn Brings New Meaning To Life After Death

This capsule, which lets you grow into a tree after you die, is causing a storm on the internet.

It's called the Bios Urn, and it's designed to "turn death into a transformation and return to life through nature."

The concept is simple: Ashes of a loved one (or even a pet) are placed at the bottom of the canister - and a tree grows from the top.

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It decomposes into the soil as the roots expand through the layer of ashes.

Roger Moline, co-creator of the Bios Urn, believes that these a far more environmentally friendly than traditional cemetries.

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"There are cities where there's no place to live... full of homeless people living on the streets... and then they spend on hundreds of acres for a cemetery, which is, for us, nonsense."

The concept is breathing new life into a centuries-old industry: As Moline points out, funerals are extremely expensive.

"There are a lot of people who say" 'hey, I want to be a maple, or a sequoia, or a giant redwood...'" he says.

The company also offers a smart flower pot that tells you when the tree needs water. Together, the Bios urn and smart flower pot costs£550 us dollars (around 380).