Sex toys for the brave

Sex Toys Of The Future Pt. 1

You might have a vibrator or a cock ring in your bedside drawer but have you tried one of these daring sex toys? We reveal the five best gadgets for experimental couples.

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Best for the highly curious: Video camera vibrator, £119.99
Voyeurism has always been a turn-on and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the curious can now turn the camera on themselves with Svakom's Sex Selfie Stick. The vibrator features a built-in illuminated video camera allowing you to see what happens internally during sexual stimulation. Watch yourself climax from within or share the view with your lover via FaceTime.

Best for lazy loungers: Sex toy machine, £129.99
Furniture shopping for the bedroom has never been so exciting – just don't expect to find the Louisiana thrusting lounger in Ikea. The sex machine delivers a thrust of 2-3 inches each time and comes with a choice of three dildos, a one-touch remote control, and wrist and ankle cuffs for bondage play.

Best for a high pain threshold: Stainless Steel pinwheel: £9.99
Whether you're into medical fetish play or BDSM, the Bondage Boutique pinwheel is sure to make your lover's heart rate spike. It looks scarier than it actually is - the psychological fear is part of the appeal - and provides heightened sensory thrills when used on sensitive places, without actually breaking the skin. A high pain threshold and trust in your partner is a must.

Best for experimental men: Urethral dilator, £12.99
You may think you've stimulated every inch of your manhood, but have you probed inside? This slender single-ended 5mm urethral dilator promises to stimulate a plethora of super-sensitive nerve endings.

Best for threesome fantasies: Realistic male sex doll, £429.99
Female sex dolls get a lot of coverage, but there's something for the ladies too. Made entirely from Fanta Flesh, a material that feels lifelike and warm to the touch, the Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll comes with killer pecs and a six-pack - and more importantly, an impressive member. Appealing to women and men, the doll is also a favourite for couples looking to play out threesome fantasies.
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