Rescue dog donates blood to kitten with infected eyes

Clever procedure could save cat's eyesight

Rescue dog donates blood to kitten with infected eyes

This dog is not only adorable and sweet - she's donating her blood to help a kitten with very infected eyes.

Quick warning: this video shows pictures of the cat, so if you get squeamish about eye stuff or just don't like to see an animal in discomfort - be prepared.

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Two stray male five-week-old kittens were brought into the Sacramenta SPCA in the US, weighing only 1lb.

Unfortunately, one of them, who staffers are calling Little Mister, has ulcers in both eyes. So in addition to medicated eye drops, the kitten is getting a special serum from the donated blood of rescue pup Jemmie. Apparently her plasma has proteins that help speed up the eye healing process.

And since Little Mister needs the serum every two hours, Jemmie is the perfectly sized donator. The SSPCA has been successfully using this procedure for years, and while it's not sure both eyes can be saved in this case, it is optimistic that at least one will be OK.

Jemmie loves nurturing and fostering kittens, but shelter says she can't foster these new rescues because she already has her paws full with some others.

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