Six arthritis-friendly gadgets to make your life easier

You'll wonder how you ever managed before...

Senior Woman Taking Lid Off Jar With Kitchen Aid
Cooking With Arthritis Made Easier

Arthritis can make simple everyday tasks difficult. If you suffer with stiff fingers and swollen joints, here are six gadgets that can help. From opening cans to doing up buttons, there's a solution for almost every situation.

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1. Buckle up in the car
Do you struggle to reach for your seatbelt in the car? This handy seat-belt handle attaches to your existing seat-belt strap and extends out six inches to bring the belt within easy reach. £12.00

2. Grab what you need
When you have arthritic hands, picking up things isn't easy. And if you have problems bending down or stretching up, it can make life even harder. This lightweight portable reacher has a comfortable easy-grip trigger handle that operates the grabber, which rotates to avoid twisting the wrist. It also features a shoehorn and a magnet to pick up lightweight metal objects. £8.34.

3. Open cans and jars
Opening jars and getting into cans, bottles and plastic packaging can be tricky for anyone, but when you have arthritis it can be very painful. This multifunction electric can and jar opener from Morphy Richards is a great investment. You'll wonder how you ever managed before. £22.99.

4. Spring out of your seat
If you struggle to get out of your chair, the Upeasy Seat Assist Cushion will give you the boost you need. The hydraulic design works without batteries or electricity and supports up to 70 % of your body weight as it lifts. Weighing just nine pounds, it's light enough to move from one room to another. £103.69.

5. Get dressed with ease
Getting dressed can be a challenge with arthritic fingers. The Good Grips Button Hook is a tiny thing but can make a big difference to your morning routine. With a soft, cushioned grip, it will allow you to up buttons and zips with ease. £6.28.

6. Easy-grip cutlery
If normal cutlery is hard to grasp, invest in a set of ergonomically-designed rubber-handled utensils and meal times will be that much easier. The set features a fork, knife and spoon, and is dishwasher-safe. £22.95.

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