Parrot gets reporter in a flap before live broadcast (video)

Reporter screams in terror as parrot lands on her shoulder

Parrot gets reporter into a flap before live broadcast

A reporter got into a little bit of a flap when an escaped pet parrot suddenly landed on her shoulder right before a broadcast.

Brittney Kleyn was about to start a segment for Nine News when the parrot landed and she exclaimed: "What the f***?", letting the professional exterior slip for a minute.

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Kleyn then says: "I wasn't expecting that. I can't get it off me. Oh my god, oh my god, can you please get it off me?

And, seemingly telling off a cameraman who was probably having a little giggle, she says: "It's not funny, it's not funny."

According to ITV News and the Guardian, the cheeky parrot was called Lola and had escaped from its owner, Michelle Mills, the night before.

The pair have now been reunited thanks to the hilarious TV clip.

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