Italian town could hold secrets to a long life

'Dozens' of villagers living to 110

Italian Town Could Hold Secrets To Longevity

Could the key to longevity be found in a small Italian town?

A team of researchers from University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the University of Rome certainly think so.

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That's why they decided to study the residents of Acciaroli. While the population only numbers around couple of thousand, a relatively high proportion of them, 300 or more, have reached the 100-year mark.

In fact, KGTV reports that dozens have even made it to 110.

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In addition to longevity, the researchers found that those being studied seemed to have very low rates of heart disease and Alzheimers.

Though the research is ongoing, some initial observations have included a Mediterranean diet high in rosemary, as well as daily hiking and walking.

A UCSD researcher said: "We think it's a matter of a certain genetic profile intermixed with a combination of what the environment brings to the plate."

The plan going forward is to take blood samples, test for disease-related bio-markers, and have the participants complete questionnaires.

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