Six best activity trackers on the market

Top performing devices to suit every budget

Whether you're a serious runner or just want to increase your step count to burn more calories, an activity tracker can help you set goals and keep you motivated. Most trackers count steps, distance, calories burnt and some tell you how well you slept. Here are six trackers on the market – one of them is sure to be right for you.

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1. Fitbit Charge HR (tangerine, large): £108.20 & FREE Delivery in the UK
The Fitbit Charge HR wristband offers real-time activity stats at a glance – without having to check an app on your phone, tablet or desktop. Record workouts and have summaries automatically appear on your Fitbit dashboard, plus take part in challenges with friends. It's worth getting the Fitbit Charge HR (about £20 extra to the Fitbit Charge) to benefit from continuous heart-rate monitoring and a better-designed wrist-strap. Also available in blue, black and plum.

2. Moov Wireless Activity Tracker: £38.95 & FREE Delivery in the UK
The Moov Now focuses on workouts and coaching rather than basic activity and sleep tracking, which is great for those who want to improve their performance. To keep you motivated, there's voice coaching and different levels and personal bests to achieve. Runners, cyclists, and anyone set on getting fit at home will find it's £38.95 well spent.

3. Jawbone UP2 Oat Spectrum Rope Activity Sleep Tracker: £85.59 & FREE Delivery
Most people wear their activity tracker every day - and night too. If you don't want a 'sporty' looking wristband, the Jawbone UPX is super stylish. Comfortable to wear, the slim strap adjusts to all wrist sizes and has a soft feel, so you hardly know it's there. With no screen or buttons to press it's simple to use – all the interaction occurs via the app on your phone or tablet. If you have friends who have the Jawbone, you can challenge each other via the app, which can be a great motivator.

4. Epson Runsense SF-810B: £128.26 & FREE Delivery in the UK
The Epson Runsense SF-810 is a good choice for runners. The GPS sports watch comes with a great range of features, including real-time heart rate monitoring and speed, pace, and distance tracking. Perfect for those who want to shave time off their long-distance runs.

5. Sony Mobile SWR30 SmartBand Talk: £93 & FREE Delivery in the UK
The Sonly Mobile WR30 has a microphone and loudspeaker built in, allowing you to receive and make calls coming through to your Android smartphone from the SmartBand Talk. You can also read notifications of emails and text messages. If you're looking for a good-value option that offers some of the functionality of a smartwatch and activity tracker, the Sony Smartband is a stylish choice.

6. Garmin Vivofit: £48.50 & FREE Delivery in the UK
Track your steps, number of calories burned, distance you've travelled and how well you have slept - plus set you goals to improve your health. If you're looking for a comfortable and simple activity tracker, the Garmin Vivofit offers good value for money. While there is no screen illumination on the device itself, it scores highly for battery life.

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