Five best coffee machines to buy

Best for style, performance and value

Whether you're an espresso enthusiast or cappuccino connoisseur, there's nothing like a great cup of coffee. If you're looking for a machine at home, here's our pick of the best machines for performance, style and price.

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1. Morphy Richards Digital Filter Coffee Maker:£45.00 & FREE Delivery in the UK

There's nothing like the aroma of fresh coffee to make you get up in the morning (aside from the smell of frying bacon!) and thanks to the Morphy Richard's Digital Filter Coffee Maker, you can enjoy a cup of Joe the moment you get out of bed.

With no capsules or coffee beans, it's a straight forward way to enjoy a cup of filtered coffee. For larger families, the fast brew function allows you to make 12 cups in 10 minutes and keeps the pot warm for several hours.

2. Bosch Tassimo Vivy Coffee Machine: £59.92 & FREE Delivery in the UK

Perfect for small kitchens, the Tassimo Vivy is compact enough to tuck into corners or under cabinets. Incredibly easy to use, and with virtually no heat-up time, you can enjoy coffee, tea, chai lattes, fruit and herbal teas at the touch of a button.

A great feature is the Vivy's adjustable platform, which can be repositioned to accommodate small cups or removed for larger mugs, and 1.5L water tank, which means you won't have to re-fill it too often. You're limited to the maker's capsules (or "T-discs") but there's a good range available. Blue not for you? It's also available in black and red.

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3. Francis Francis Coffee Machine: £145.12 & FREE Delivery in the UK

Few coffee machines look as good as this retro-styled little beauty from Francis Francis. It's best for espressos but comes with a steam wand so you can achieve a creamy and velvety frothed milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Works exclusively with the illy iperEspresso capsules. Available in red, white or black.

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4. De'Longhi Scultura Coffee Machine: £149.99 & FREE delivery in the UK

Talking of good-looking coffee machines, the glossy metal De'Longhi Scultura would look great in any kitchen. Easy to operate and boasting 15 bar pump pressure, it's easy to produce a perfect shot of espresso, as well as cappuccinos and lattes. You're likely to find that mugs don't fit – so you may want to hunt out some tea cups, or invest in some nice new espresso cups.

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5. Sage Heston Blumenthal Coffee Machine and Grinder: £494.00 & FREE Delivery in the UK

If you have £500 to spare and fancy yourself as a true barista, this stainless steel Heston Blumenthal machine looks the part and delivers too. An inbuilt grinder takes you from whole beans to espresso in under a minute (you can control the setting, from coarse to fine, depending on how you like it), while a high-pressure steam output guarantees barista-quality milk every time.

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