Man uses drone deliver teabag to wife

Someone's got a new toy and he wants to play!

Man Delivers Tea Bag to Wife Using Drone

This amusing video shows how a man uses mini drone to transport a tea bag from the kitchen to his wife in the lounge.

The footage, filmed in Canada, shows the husband asking his wife if she wants a cup of tea, before excitedly heading to the kitchen when she says 'yes'.

He then flies the mini drone with a tea bag hanging from the bottom into the lounge and tries to dunk it in a cup of hot water.

Unfortunately, he misses at the last moment and the drone crashes to the floor - so he has to make the tea by hand.

He later wrote online: "Because I am a good and thoughtful husband, I offered to make my wife an evening cup of tea. "The tea bag to be delivered by drone naturally - It was almost perfect..."

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