How to clean your shower doors quickly and naturally

Just add lemon! You don't need to resort to chemicals to get them sparkling clean

First, you'll want to remove the existing shower head using pliers. Before you attach the new shower head onto the spicket, make
Get Sparkling Shower Doors with This All-Natural Solution

Cleaning the bathroom has to be one of the hardest (and least popular) chores around the house - but with a little know-how you can make your shower shine in no time.

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Soap scum and mineral deposits can leave shower doors seriously lacklustre. If conventional cleaning products fail to get results, try adding some lemon oil to your scrubbing sponge.

Apply a little elbow grease, then have a well-earned rest for 30 minutes.

Next, take a microfibre cloth or a heavy wash cloth and start rubbing. The soap scum and mineral deposits should come away easily. Not only that, but it leaves a coating on the shower door, making it easier to clean the next time - and your bathroom will smell great too!

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