How to save battery on your mobile phone

Top tips to keep your phone running for longer

How Do I Save Battery on My Phone?

Does your phone keep running out of battery just when you need it most?

This video gives some handy tips on things you can do to help keep your phone running for longer.

Firstly, start with your battery information. Go into your phone settings and find 'battery'. This will show you what apps are using your phone's power the most.

Turn off background refreshing. Doing this will prevent certain apps from gathering information in the background.
On IOS, go into Settings and select 'General' and find 'Background app refresh'. Here you can turn off certain apps or shut down all of them.
On Android, you'll find this in 'Data usage' in Settings. Hit the menu icon on the top right and select 'Restrict background data'. Remember that by doing this, you are restricting your apps so it might only be worth doing for the ones you don't use often.

Turn off location services. Weather apps, social apps and mapping apps might want to pin your location. They don't always need this ability, so you can tweak this.
On IOS, go to Settings - Privacy and select Location Services.
On Android: go to Settings - Location

Cut down on notifications: You probably don't need them all.
On IOS: Go to Settings - Notifications.
On Android: Go to Sound - Notifications.

Turn off Wifi and bluetooth when you're not using them. When your phone is emitting a signal or looking for a signal, it's using up battery.

Use your low power mode.
On IOS you'll find this in Settings - Battery
On Android you'll find Battery Saver in the menu icon.

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