Dreaming about your teeth falling out? Here's what it means

Do these experts theories explain these common dreams?

Dreaming About Losing Your Teeth Could Mean You're Out of Control

Did you dream your teeth were falling out last night? Or that you were being chased by something?

There are lots of theories out there about what dreams mean.

Many experts say that your dreams are the brain's way of processing what's going on around you.

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The following are just some examples:

Dreaming about being unprepared for a test could be an indication that there was recently something in your life you weren't ready for.

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Dreaming you're being chased could mean you're avoiding something in real life.

Have you recently said something you wish you hadn't? This could be the reason you dreamt your teeth fell out: and it's one of the most common dreams we have.

Dreaming about flying can signify a feeling of being out of control.

And having a nightmare about death could indicate a chapter of your life coming to a close.

Interpreting Your Dreams