Three things you never knew you could do with olive oil

These clever hacks could help make life easier

Three Things You Didn't Know Olive Oil Can Fix

There's more to olive oil than you might think. Yes, it's great for making salad dressings and drizzling over roasted vegetables - but did you know it can also get you out of some sticky situations around the home?

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Did you know, for example, that olive oil can:

1. Unstick sticky ingredients
Cooking with sticky ingredients can be a pain. The next time you need to pour out some honey or treacle, try wiping the pan with a little olive oil first. It will help it flow more easily.

2. Free a stuck zip
Don't force a stuck zipper. Dip a cotton wool pad in some olive oil and dry dabbing the zip. You should find it opens easily. Olive oil can be used to free most zippers - including bags, suitcases, wet suits, and camping equipment. Just take care if using on clothes. You don't want the oil to stain the fabric.

3. Clear up sticker residue
Stickers can leave an unsightly residue behind. Instead of scratching and scrubbing, dip a cotton wool pad in some olive oil and leave it on the surface. Within 10 minutes, the sticky stuff will have soaked off. You can use the same technique to remove paper stuck to wooden furniture. You can also Remove chewing gum from skin or non-porous surfaces – just rub the gum gently with olive oil. It might also help you pass chewing gum you have swallowed (but consult a doctor if you have swallowed more than a piece or two).

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