'Age suit' allows youngster to feel what it's like to be old

This 26-year-old gets a shock when he puts the outfit to the test

Age Suit Gives 20-Something a Taster of a 70-Year-Old's Aches and Pains

Check out this weird and wonderful 'age suit', which was designed to allow a young person to experience what it's like to be old.

This video shows a fit 26-year-old testing the suit, and feeling all the aches and pains normally associated with people in their mid-seventies.

The suit was originally developed by Ford, the car manufacturer. The company originally created the first Third Generation Age Suit about 20 years ago as a way to better understand the needs of older drivers.

The technology has helped the automobile giant evolve many features, from different controls to push-button start to get the car going – which benefit all drivers now.

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