Ten things children today don't recognise

It might seem like yesterday when we used these, but most of them are museum pieces already

Top 10 Things Children Today Don't Recognize

Isn't it amazing how quickly technology is developing? It seems like only yesterday that we were using these devices - and yet they are already so obsolete that when asked, children had no idea what they were.

Check out these pieces of technology that have completely disappeared.
Bet there's not one of them you miss....

Phone books: Gone are the days when you actually had to look up someone's number in your address book, let alone memorise a phone number. These days, they're all keyed in to our phones - or we can just Google them...

TV guides: Remember when you had to look up what was on in a magazine and plot your evening around it? People watch TV in a completely different way now: they're able to watch what they want when they want.

Dial phones: You can now see these in museums.

Video rental stores: Remember Blockbusters? Who needs these when everything is online now?

Pagers (or beepers): Until the early 90s there were tonnes of these on the market. Then cellphones came along.

Portable audio players Remember these bulky, inconvenient devices? Defunct with the introduction of Iphones. Good riddance.

VCR recorders and tapes: Remember VHS and Betamax? All that rewinding and accidentally recording over things...

Photographic film: Old cameras had films that had to be developed in a photo lab before you could see your photos.

Dial up internet: Thank goodness for Broadband. Only 3% of internet users still use dial up.

Floppy discs: Enough said.

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