Meet 92-year-old Jack: Britain's oldest judo teachear

This Sensei-tional Grandpa has no plans to give up his favourite sport

Sensei-Tional Grandpa: 92-Year-Old Jack Is Britain's Oldest Judo Teacher

Martial arts master Jack Hearn is the oldest active Judo Sensei in the UK - and at 92-years-old, he has no plans of bowing out.

Now the plucky pensioner is working alongside Groupon on a campaign to encourage Britain's retirees to try something new.

It may come as a surprise, but judo can be particularly beneficial to the health of older people, say scientists.

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Jack will be offering five lucky winners the chance to train with him in one of his Judo classes. To enter the free deal to be in with a chance of winning visit:

It may sound unlikely, but scientists recently decreed that judo could have incredible health benefits older people.

Along with other martial arts, judo involves learning how to control yourself when you fall in order to avoid injury, and the experts believe that men and women with osteoporosis could benefit from mastering these skills so that they can avoid the risk of injuries.

By learning the techniques, older people could thus avoid life-changing damage to brittle hips triggered by uncontrolled stumbles and trips.

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