Four everyday habits that can cause headaches

4 Everyday Habits That Could Be Causing Your Headache

A headache shouldn't be a part of your everyday life - but many of us simply put up with them without realising that changing something relatively simple can relieve them completely.

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These common causes of headaches may surprise you. They are:

Wearing the wrong shoes, e.g. high heels
This can cause a misalignment in your spine, which can in turn create tension in your neck.

Carrying heavy bags
Many of us don't realise that lugging that gym kit/lap top/ bag of shopping around can cause way too much pressure on your shoulder(s), which again can cause a misalignment of your spine. This creeps up to the neck area and in turn can create a tension headache.

Using the wrong pillow
Check out your position when you sleep. Are you using too many pillows? This can cause neck spasms, which can trigger headaches.

Unconsciously clenching your jaw while you're asleep.

Here are two simple natural ways to relieve your headache:

Apply firm pressure to the area between your index finger and thumb. Try to get as close as you can to the bone and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.

Apply firm pressure with your index fingers at the top of your nose. This can help release muscle spasm in the local area.

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