Why you're doing your household chores all wrong

... and quick fixes to get it right

Tips to Fix All The Household Chores You Are Doing Wrong

You do your laundry at least once a week, but it turns out you've been doing it all wrong. Why? Most of use way too much detergent according to lifestyle expert Kris Drew.

"You only need half of what you think," says Kris. "Half a cap of detergent is plenty. Your clothes will be just as clean, and it will save you money."

When it comes to drying clothes, tumble dryers are handy in winter, but they're the most power-hungry appliance in the home. Never tumble dry dark clothes, "the high heat will fade their colour. Air dry them instead."

And if you throw your towels and sheets in the dryer at the same time, you've been doing that wrong, too.

"It's much more effective if you dry your sheets and towels separately. Not only will your sheets dry faster, without having thick towels in there with them, they're also less likely to suffer with piling, meaning they last longer," says Kris.

So what else have you been getting wrong around the house? It turns out that most of us could use some tips in the kitchen. There's even a right and a wrong way to boil an egg, according to Kris.

"Add baking soda to the water when you boil eggs. It will help the shell slide off much easier."

The bathroom is another place where mistakes are made. Kris says: "Most people turn the temperature up too high, which takes the moisture out of your skin." A shower shouldn't exceed five minutes and don't wash your hair more than twice a week. "Any more than that and it will strip your hair of natural oils and dry out your scalp."

Three products that may help with your household chores:

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