Do you have a normal sex life?

These statistics reveal the 'average' sexual activity over lifetime

Do You Have a Normal Sex Life?

What is an average sex life?

Check out these statistics and see how you compare.

The average person kisses 21.5 people, exchanging 278 types of bacteria per smooch and spending two full weeks locking lips.

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The average male loses his virginity at 16.8 years old

The average female loses her virginity at 17.2 years old

The average millennial (born between 1980 and 2000) has eight sexual partners in their life.

The average Generation Xer (born between 1960 and the mid 70s) has 10 sexual partners.

The average baby boomer (born in the years following the Second World War) has 12 sexual partners.

Whether you're straight or gay won't affect how much sex you have. One poll found the median number of sexual partners was six for straight men, straight women, gay men and gay women.

If you're a woman, there's a 17.4 % chance that you have had sex with another woman, as opposed to a 5.7% chance if you're a man having sex with another man.

The most sex we have are between the ages of 30 and 34..

The average woman has 1,836 orgasms.

The average man has 4,233 orgasms.

There's a 61% chance you've had a one-night stand.

There's a 36.5% chance you've had anal sex with a heterosexual partner.

There's a 30% chance you've paid for sex if you're a man aged 30 or over.

There's a 2-3% chance you've engaged in BDSM - although there's a 20 % chance it arouses you.

There's a 14% chance you've had a threesome.

53% of those people 64 to 75 are still having sex

26% of those people 75-85 are still having sex.

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Are You Sexually Average?