Ten online dating horror stories and scams

That awkward moment you realise she's your sister, for one...

10 Online Dating Horror Stories

Online dating is THE way to find love these days - but just very occasionally it can go badly wrong, as this video shows.

Horror stories include:

The hook-up on Tinder which matched a brother and sister who had been separated in early childhood.

Fraudsters posing as attractive young women luring men to take their clothes off on webcam. The men were videoed and then after being threatened with exposure as sex abusers unless they paid copious amounts of money. This scam has triggered at least one suicide.

A woman who was tricked out of her entire life savings.

One man who knew he was HIV positive intentionally spread the life-threatening disease. He eventually ended up in jail.

A woman whose date ended in horrific injuries when she was attacked, raped and left for dead.

A woman who discovered her date had been telling her an incredible web of lies and ended up making false accusations against her.

The FBI swiftly broke up one couple's relationship which ended in marriage. The man was a known paedophile who had been advertising his new wife's six year old daughter online.

One woman who thought she was going to meet a young boy was kidnapped by a 40 year old man who kept her in his dungeon and abused her.

Another Tinder meet up turned violent and ended up with the woman falling from her balcony to her death.