Is your dog depressed?

Millions of pooches in the UK affected by lack of attention and exercise

Doggie Depression Is Real, Some Pups Even Need Therapy

Millions of dogs could be suffering from depression across the UK, says new research - and it's all down to their lazy owners.

Bad weather conditions make it even worse, as they drastically decrease the amount of time spent outside being walked, leading to canine depression, say experts.

Some dogs are getting so low that they even have to go to therapy.

A recent survey carried out by vet charity PDSA found that 465,000 dogs are never taken for a walk and as a result are at risk of mental health problems. It estimates that more than one in four dogs are depressed because they are lonely: their findings revealed that more than 2.3million dogs are routinely left in solitude for five or more hours, despite vets advising that four hours is the absolute limit.

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