Cheat your way to a cleaner kitchen

Three Dirty Little Secrets to a Cleaner Home
You might love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but few of us enjoy cleaning up afterwards. Thankfully, there's an easier way to scrub away encrusted food and grime. Try our tips and tricks and enjoy a sparkling-clean kitching in minutes!

Dirty blender
Cleaning the blender can be a dangerous job. Don't risk putting your fingers near the blades. Instead, add a little water and detergent and turn it into a mini washing machine. Run the blender for 30 seconds and dump out. Once done, simply leave upside down on the draining board to dry.

Food-encrusted dishes
If you've forgotten to soak the casserole dish from last night's dinner, don't panic. You don't need a blow torch to get off encrusted food – simple take some foil, crinkle it into a ball and sprinkle with water. Apply elbow-grease and voila: encrusted food comes away easily.

Mucky phones
Mobile phones can pick up all kinds of dirt and grime - particularly if you use it to look up recipes and touch the screen with food-covered fingers! You don't need to invest in special wipes. To clean the screen without damaging it, try wiping it with coffee filter paper. It's very absorbent and soft, so won't scratch the screen.

Kitchen sink
Stubborn hard-water stains can ruin the look of your kitchen. Try rubbing a lemon wedge on the affected surface next time you clean. If your stainless steel sink never comes up shiny, take preventative action. After rubbing with lemon juice, add a few drops of mineral oil to a soft cloth and wipe around the sink to prevent water build-up and mould.

Grimy microwave
Always forgetting to cover food before you blast it on full-power? If wiping with a cloth doesn't dislodge the debris, try this technique. Half fill a glass bowl with water, cut a lemon in half and squeeze out the juice, then add the lemon to the water. Microwave on full-power for three minutes. Leave the door shut for five minutes and let the steam do its work. Now when you wipe it over, the encrusted food should come away easily.

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