Could certain fruit and vegetables be bad for you?

Picking and choosing carefully is key, according to the latest findings

Fruits And Vegetables That Might Be Bad For You

Everyone knows that eating fruit and vegetables is the key to staying healthy - but did you know that you need to choose wisely when you're indulging in your five a day?

Apparently, certain fruit and vegetables could actually them be bad for you. Well - kind of.

Take bananas, for example. They're full of potassium, and are a great snack if you're in a hurry - but they're also full of starch.

The same thing applies to peas.

Now experts are saying that you should choose more carefully if you're trying to be healthy and lose weight.

The 'good guys' include leafy greens, mushrooms, beets and asparagus.

The ones to be wary of (including peas and bananas) are: coconut (which has too much saturated fat) and cherries (too much sugar). Aubergines soak up everything they're cooked in - so you need to watch the oil you add. Oh, and in case you didn't know already, brocolli and brussels sprouts can bloat you....

Back to the crisps and chocolate it is then.

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