Laundry life hacks: You're doing your washing all wrong

This video debunks a lot of common misconceptions

4 Laundry Hacks to Make Cleaning Clothes Easier

Are you doing your laundry all wrong?

The answer is probably yes.

In this video, washing expert Alexis Welsh debunks many myths about doing our washing.

First up, she says it's important to go easy on detergent. "People think that using a lot of soap gives a better clean.That's not true. It creates more suds, that collect dirt and trap it in the areas that don't get clean.

Other tips include:

1. Zip up clothes before you put them in the wash, to protect other fabrics.

2. Don't use fabric softeners on your towels - it can reduce the towel's absorbency.

3. Make sure you double wash feather pillows, and add a clean tennis ball when washing your feathery bedding to help fluff out the feathers.

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