'Super slimmer' gets a toyboy after shedding half her bodyweight

Katie Williams went from 21 stone to 11 stone

Super Slimmer Gets a Toy Boy After Losing 140 Pounds

Katie Williams says she is a delighted 'super slimmer' after going from 21 stone to 11 stone - and she says it's the best thing she's ever done, despite the fact that it cost her her marriage.

35-year-old Katie went from a size 24 to a size 10-12 shedding almost half her bodyweight. The transformation gave her a massive boost in confidence, she says.

However, her husband soon became jealous of the attention she received and the trust started breaking down.

The couple eventually broke up last year - but Katie has bounced back by finding a 'toyboy' who is 12 years younger than her.

Mum-of-two Katie says the only thing she was ever unhappy about was her weight,

"I didn't let it show, but I wasn't happy at all. I used to get very sad at times, and I knew I had to sort it out.

In preparation for her wedding in 2013, she had a gastric bypass, followed by a tummy tuck and breast lift, giving her a new figure and a new boyfriend too.

"When I first saw her my jaw hit the floor," says Jack. "The age difference doesn't bother me at all - it's just a number," he says.

And he says he likes the attention his girlfriend gets. "Everyone stares at Katie because she is so good-looking."