Three things to NEVER do if you think you're having a heart attack

Wasting time can be a fatal mistake

3 Things to Never Do If You Think You're Having a Heart Attack
Every five minutes, someone in the UK has a heart attack. To increase your chances of survival, it's important to know the symptoms and the best way to get help. Dr Stephanie Moore reveals the signs to look for and what not to do.

Signs it could be a heart attack
Key signs of a heart attack include pain, pressure and dullness in your chest, jaw or arm, acute back pain that comes on suddenly or unusual nausea.

If you have diabetes or you're female, you may not experience the classic chest pain associated with a heart attack. Instead, you're more likely to have jaw pain or nausea.

If you ever experience these symptoms, do not waste precious time doing one of these three things:

1. DO NOT: Ask Dr Google for advice
You need to act quickly. Don't go online and Google your symptoms. If it enters your mind 'this may be a heart attack', get to the emergency room straight away.

2. DO NOT: Drive yourself to A&E
Either call 999 – that's what it's there for – or ask a family member, neighbour or friend to take you. You don't want to be on your own in a car if you're having a heart attack, you want to be with people who can help. Plus, you risk blacking out at the wheel and hurting yourself or others.

3. DO NOT: Self-medicate
The chest pressure, fatigue and shortness of breath of a heart attack can be mistaken for a cold. Don't self-medicate with a decongestion or antihistamine - these can increase your blood pressure and put more stress on your heart. If you take anything, reach for two aspirin, and get help.

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